When You Need A Smile

For the times when you just need a smile, we share a variety of smile starters and we update them regularly. Feel free to email us ideas to use!


Dermatologist pleasing to protect from the sun.

Found at: http://on.fb.me/1IfBjYk


Found at: http://bit.ly/2IuEnTb

Found at http://bit.ly/2GUjljv

A perplexing question!


A little Funeral Director humor.

Just. Too. Adorable.


Let's radiate love and kindness out to everyone we encounter today.
Found at: http://bit.ly/2DCr9oz



Oh my, can we get an Amen?!


Found at: http://bit.ly/2jU2kbP



 Ha - can anyone relate?? Especially THIS month! 



No. Words. Needed.
Found at  http://bit.ly/2b52LO7




Yes, of course we've all done this.
Found at http://bit.ly/2bdudK7




 Found at pinterest.com/pin/240590805069361432/




 Chappo - caught red-pawed. So much for that Gerber daisy.
Then, he had the audacity to shake it in front of me!
It's a good thing Oreck called just after I found this.




Bunny buddies!
Found at http://bit.ly/1U8tBVe 




Hang on and keep smiling!
Found at  http://bit.ly/1RMaxah



Found at http://bit.ly/227foHX.



"No more coffee today."
Found at http://on.fb.me/24nRHza 



What a special treat - I got to hold this tender lamb.
Who needs a teddy bear when you have a little lamb?




 Found at: http://on.fb.me/1ZOpAUQ




Don't you love this family's sense of humor?
Found on Facebook, The Conversation Project. http://on.fb.me/1Sv7Lrn






Found at on.fb.me/1wBzo8x



This could be our Chappo!!
Found via pinterest on theawesomedaily.com



Isn't this just too cute??



 Found on Pinterest  pin/1970393559630937/




  A fun memory from last year at Showers Tree Farm. Remember - "Don't tell Allen about Mr. Elk."






Saw this and had to snag it from a friend's Facebook page! 




 This is EXACTLY the look!




Donning my "Fireman" gear at the 2014 Shippensburg Fair.



Enough said 




Our first Memorial Garden visitor. Isn't that adorable? 




 You see the nicest folks at the fair! #‎Shippensburg‬'s finest, Jerry Cramer, lovin' on Dixie Parr and me. 


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